video spotlight


My base element is always the GROOVE.

My style is a compound

A compound is a composition of multiple elements. The concept of the rhythm instrument is to touch the audience's most basic instinct - to move to the beat. The following, additional elements are what I believe to be where rhythm and drumming can either converge or separate. Heavily inspired by contemporary electronic music, I aim to create a platform where I can challenge myself as well as the typical computer-generated rhythms.

A new way of thinking...

By recreating these atypical drumming patterns and techniques, and imparting the human/personal element through physical and mental creativity, I hope to enter the zone where I can take the left turn to make something unexpected happen. Ultimately, I wish to continue to develop a unique style, which hopefully showcases a new way of thinking about drumming, and introduce an authentic and distinctive sound by reverse-engineering the standard creative processes.


  • Mikey Surface

    Representing the creative processes of reverse engineering and hybrid drumming, and the desire to perform typically computer generated rhythms in real time while maintaining the human element.

  • Chilè

  • Electro-Pop band with a mix of Polish, French and Czech, producing an electrifying blend of bass and melody perfect for rooftop pool parties.

  • low heaven

    Representing desire to create full sound in a minimalist duo format. Unconventional bass and drums line up is reinforced by sound design and lavish use of additional gadgets played live.

  • MXM:Joy

  • 80's post-punk band from Bristol, unconstrained by any single genre, blending reggae, punk, funk, soul and hip hop, topping it up with dub vibes.

  • JNT

    Heavily improvised music with no boundaries. Freedom and creativity mixed with jazz, blues, funk and electronic, resulting in highly contrasted pieces - dark & heavy | smooth & joyful.

  • ADT

    We share the resonance, stepping to the same step; the Mobstep. Can you feel the pulse? It beats from within the city.